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Your import and export service provider for the European and the Middle East markets.

Fruit is one of the most important categories in European and Middle East markets. Most fruit to consumers, are considered a luxury. A luxury, which travelled from far; a high-end fruit product which needs special care and selection meeting expectations.

Grapes, stonefruit and citrus originating from the southern hemisphere and production area’s along the equator, face often transit times up to 4 weeks plus. At Vita Optima we have experience receiving the fruit and its related quality, mrl’s and packaging and required distribution throughout Europa and Middle East.

We understand, inside out, that grapes, stonefruit and citrus are special fruit to produce, export, import and distribute. We can assist you in that process, doing it right all the way; from harbour to supermarket depot, checking its specs, testing mrl’s, customs cleare, prepack and repack where needed. Custom made. We have the knowledge and facilities in logistics, trade finance, packing into customer packaging, storage, cooling, distribution and marketing. Transparantly and efficiently.

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Wibo van den Ende

Wibo van den Ende


Driven by a passion for the fruit & vegetables industry and its dynamic people. Happy to be involved in this constantly changing and innovating world where we can make a difference!